VECF School Readiness Report Card

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VECF School Readiness Report Card

The VECF School Readiness Report Card (SRRC) interactive mapping tool displays data across 10 indicators to assess risk, reach, and results around school readiness. The mapping tool can display data for Virginia alone or in comparison to one or more counties or cities. Also, the data can be filtered by sociodemographic variables, including race (black or white for health and education data and Asian for education data only), ethnicity (Hispanic for health and education data), and indicators of socioeconomic status (Medicaid/Self-Pay or Private/Other Insurance for health data and Economically Disadvantaged or Not Economically Disadvantaged for education data). Color coding is automatically displayed in the map and beside the table of indicators to reflect the level of risk of each indicator’s value – Green = Low risk; Yellow = Low to moderate risk; Orange = Moderate to high risk; or Red = High risk.


The 2017 mapping tool includes five years of the latest available data from two sources – Virginia Department of Health (VDH) live birth data for the three risk indicators for children born in 2011 through 2015 and Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) data for the one reach indicator and the six results indicators, with data for those seven indicators coming from the five most recently available school years (2009-2010 through 2017-2018 depending upon the indicator). It is important to keep in mind that, since indicator data are in aggregate form, the data across different indicators do not necessarily include the same children (e.g., the children captured in VDH data on “Births to Mothers <12yrs Education” for 2011 do not necessarily include the same children who were impacted by “Unused Slots in Virginia Preschool Initiative” four years later in 2015). Missing indicators mean that source data values were suppressed, because they were small enough to run the risk of revealing individual identities. A Map Tool Video Tutorial is located above the map of Virginia on the mapping tool web page and provides more detailed instructions on how to maximize your understanding and use of the mapping tool.


All of the source data for the five years of school readiness indicators displayed in the 2017 SRRC mapping tool can be accessed by clicking on this link, which will download an Excel file containing a separate tab for each of the SRCC mapping tool indicators.  All source data may be used without obtaining prior consent from VDH or VDOE, and blank cells mean that data values were suppressed, because they were small enough to potentially reveal individual identities. For each data table in the Excel spreadsheet, filters have been inserted across the column headers for ease of sorting by geographic location (state, city/county or school division) and demographic variables.

Births to Mothers <12yrs Education
Births to Teenage Mothers (15-17yrs)
Low Birthweight (<2500g)
Unused Slots in Virginia Preschool Initiative
K-3 Repeaters [the number and percentage of students in the Kindergarten class who repeated at least one grade between the time they enrolled in Kindergarten and the time they reached third grade]
Kindergarteners Needing Literacy Intervention
Failed 3rd Grade Reading SOL Test
Failed 3rd Grade Math SOL Test
9th Grade Repeaters [students who were enrolled in 9th grade for at least two years]
High School Dropouts [students who had dropped out of high school within their first four years of high school]