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Interactive Northern Virginia Health Foundation Map: Mapping Opportunity in Northern Virginia

Interactive Map

The VCU Center on Society and Health developed an interactive map tool for the Northern Virginia Health Foundation that highlights the factors impacting opportunity across small geographic areas in Northern Virginia, revealing that opportunity for social and economic mobility varies dramatically across the region. The map tool allows users to select one or more of 19 factors to view on the map. Clicking on an area of the map displays data for that location beside the list of 19 factors. All of the 19 factors constitute community determinants of child outcomes, with some of the most directly relevant including: 3-4-year-olds not enrolled in preschool, poverty levels below 100% and below 200%, low food access, and single parent households. The data are displayed by Census tract numbers – to translate Census tract numbers into the name of the locality (city or county), the 3rd through 5th digits are the 3 digit FIPS county codes, which you can look up in Virginia’s list of FIPS codes. In the following example, the 3rd-5th digits are 107, which is Loudon County: